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         Celebrating 25 years of Kindermusik

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(Virtual), Asheville, and Arden, North Carolina               Sign in to your account       




Enroll now for Summer Session 1, Summer Session 2 and Fall 2020 classes. Create an account or Sign in with the link above.


Summer Session 1, Virtual classes from May 18-June 18, 5 weeks. Attend all, makeups available. You can participate from where ever you are!

Summer Session 2, Virtual classes from July 6-August 6, 5 weeks. Attend all, makeups available. New class offering: Family style! You can participate from wherever you are!


You will receive a link to participate in these online classes. It’s easy!


Fall 2020, While these classes may begin virtually I am preparing to transiton to hold classes at the physical locations as soon as we

receive permission from state and local officials and our church hosts. Some classes may continue virtually if families would feel safer.



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