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Welcome to Kindermusik with Yvette in Asheville NC :: Yvette Odell

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Spring 2018 semester begins January 15-18. Spring Break is April 2-5. Last week of classes 4/30-5/2 unless we are making up weather cancelations.

Check WLOS for weather cancelations: West Asheville = Asheville City Schools, South Asheville = Around the Son Preschool.




Yvette Odell has been teaching Kindermusik since 1994 and in 1998 she became director/owner of her studio in Holland, MI. In 2008 she relocated to North Carolina to be closer to her extended family. For nine years she earned the status of Maestro in the top 5% of Kindermusik studios world wide. Yvette has a master’s degree in music education from Wichita State University In Kansas and her bachelor’s degree in music education from Western Maryland College (now named McDaniel College). Her continuing education involves child development, sensory integreation work and communication skills. She is frequently asked to present at conferences on topics such as child development, parenting, music and learning, sensory integration and homeschooling. She has private flute students, is involved her her church’s music ministry by playing the flute and singing with the choir. Yvette has been teaching music to young children since 1980 and is happy to be bringing her warm and friendly style of teaching to Western North Carolina! In 2010 she was recognized again as a Maestro in Kindermusik and also the award for top growth of all Kindermusik programs.


Invite Yvette to speak to your teacher inservice or parenting workshop.

Yvette Odell is available for presenting at your inservice workshops for parents, educators, and church groups locally and beyond. If you have a group that is interested in
Parents Who Model,
Spiritual Aspects of Parenting
Homeschooling is Trusting,
Brain-Smart Music,
Music and Sensory Integrative Activities,
Classroom Management-Bringing Out the Best!

please contact Yvette .
Fees vary depending on location, topic, group size and length of session.


More about Yvette:

In 1988 Yvette was teaching public school music in Maryland when her son was born. This is then that she began singing and twirling with babies! The bright shining eyes, belly laughs and the intense curiosity of this baby told her that music was every bit important for tiny babies as for school aged children. When her daughter was born in 1990 she left teaching in public school and began focusing on the 0-7 age group. She created classes for young children with their loving adults called “Music and Kids”. On moving to Michigan in 1991 she heard about the international program called Kindermusik. She became a licensed Kindermusik educator just before her third child was born.


She has this to say about applying early music education to her family’s experience:
“I chose music as a scaffolding for our family’s homeschooling journey.  It offered our laid back, unschooling style, structure, purpose, character building, confidence and self esteem growth and more.  I believe the rigors of studying technique, memorizing music, and performing for audiences auditions, and competitions helped form students who are able to think on their feet, present their ideas, and strive for self improvement.  The study of music itself, as current research is telling us, stimulates the whole brain thereby affecting learning, memory and even brain development. The brain constantly searching for patterns; making connections, generalizations and predictions.  We know there is no growth period greater than that of newborn to 3 years old. Music at an early age helps solidify neural pathways for pattern seeking. Music and language is full of patterns, both simple and extremely complex....just listen to some Bach music. Some of his compositions are 8 or more lines of beautiful melodies weaving intricately and all mathematically perfect and yet most importantly, artistically genius.”


Meet my children!


Anne is a cello student. I enjoy listening to her play Saint Seans “The Swan” from his Carnival of the Animals.

She plays with the Asheville Buncombe Youth Orchestra.

I often ask her to bring her cello to show my Kindermusik students.


Claire is now a Lawrence University  graduate! (Wisconsin); a conservatory where she

majored in music education and violin performance. She now is living in Asheville and is teaching her own violin students! If you would like learn how to play violin (she’s SO great with the kids!) send her an email:


Ben plays his viola with the Holland Symphony Orchestra in Holland Michigan.

He graduated from Michigan Technological University majoring in mechanical engineering.

In this picture he’s flying an airplane!! (But his career is engineering!)






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