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Welcome to Kindermusik with Yvette in Asheville NC :: Take a Peek!

                        02_KI_color_large.jpgYvette Odell                                                      Recognized for exceptional service.           



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Asheville, and Arden, North Carolina               Sign in to your account       




Spring 2018 semester begins January 15-18. Spring Break is April 2-5. Last week of classes 4/30-5/2 unless we are making up weather cancelations.

Check WLOS for weather cancelations: West Asheville = Asheville City Schools, South Asheville = Around the Son Preschool.





Special Offers:





Special Offer for babies

5 months or younger:

$50 off your first Kindermusik semester!



Special Offer for newly adopted

(within 5 months):

$50 off your first Kindermusik semester!




Scholarship available

Please ask about scholarship

opportunities. If you really want this for your child and need assistance to make this work, we will find ways to make it work!






Many families ask Grandparents to give Kindermusik for holidays and birthdays. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. What a wonderful way to fill a child’s life with love instead of noisy plastic toys! If grandparents live close by invite them to join you in class! Otherwise they will delight in pictures and videos of their grandchild singing and dancing to their Kindermusik songs.....



Call Yvette today: 828-242-1548

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